Supplier of automatic and rotating vertical storage

Located in the west of France, our core business is providing technical solutions in motorized vertical storage. We offer either rotary storage units (design / manufacture / installation) or automatic storage warehouses (representation / distribution). SYSTEO INDUSTRIE operates mainly in France but also in many European countries and occasionally internationally. For our various storage systems, we intervene either directly or through partners and resellers. SYSTEO INDUSTRIE counts among its customers all types of companies and groups with a strong reputation. All of its clients work in various sectors of activity: aeronautics, transport, automobiles, medicine, textiles and technical fabrics, public bodies, etc.

The expertise and regulatory knowledge of your contacts guarantee success in setting up your storage solution. The vertical storage units offered by SYSTEO INDUSTRIE are distinguished by a unique and controlled design, offering storage and full protection for operators. Systéo Industrie works in collaboration with a partner control body.

In addition to this main activity, SYSTEO INDUSTRIE carries out various subcontracting mechanical welding projects. We also develop additional solutions on request around the automated vertical storage system (cutting / measuring / centering accessories, handling equipment for loading / unloading).

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Expertise & modularity of our automated system

The technical knowledge and the commercial experience accumulated in this very specific market allow us today to respond to many problems. SYSTEO INDUSTRIE has thus gradually declined all of its rotating vertical storage units. We have 6 drive wheel formats, 3 types of chains, 5 types of motorization and up to 13 device heights per range. This strong modularity makes it possible to respond quickly and efficiently to the storage space optimization needs for our customers.

By creating welding jigs for each range, SYSTEO INDUSTRIE perfectly masters the manufacture and precision of this type of equipment. In addition, the components used are recurrent and proven. The mechanically welded structure of the vertical rotating carousel then adapts to each project according to the type of application chosen.

Our values


Your obligation of result is also ours! We are happy to help you optimize the management of stored products. We help you put in place the appropriate equipment in the best possible conditions in the interest of all.


Be responsive and flexible to ensure the smooth running of projects in all circumstances. All this thanks to our automated system designed for your needs.


Build a business on a human scale. Favoring proximity, availability, dialogue and advice to all of you, our customers, is essential.

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