Quality & Safety

The rotary carousels offered by SYSTEO INDUSTRIE have full chain protection as standard., it is fully guided vertically. This exclusive SYSTEO INDUSTRIE design guarantees optimum safety in the event of chain breakage or possible malfunction, the chain is stacked and prevents any risk of tipping outside the planned kinematics.

The carrier chain, considered as a mobile handling element, is therefore only accessible from one side in order to limit any risk of pinching / entanglement.

To limit load imbalance phenomena and preserve the mechanical components, some carousel models have a dimmer for soft start and stop.

When used in FRONT / REAR dual access in maintained action, a time relay with sound and light alarms are systematically installed to warn of the start of the carousel.

The applicable technical safety and health rules are those of the machine directive 2006/42 / EC. Some models of carousels are considered "lifting machines" and therefore require suitability for use. Carousels are subject to self-certification with an evaluation and internal control procedure. All devices are delivered with complete instruction manual, identification plate and CE declaration of conformity. Certain models equipped with a control automaton (via touch screen) are systematically equipped with a safety light curtain. The standard control boxes have a degree of protection “IP65”. The “PL” performance level is calculated for each project according to the safety components used. Carousels are systematically equipped with asynchronous geared motor with bevel gear. A qualitative finish is provided by an epoxy powder and polyester powder coating. A machine conformity check can be carried out in the workshop before shipment or at the end customer. A standard prevention plan is offered to our customers before installation. Our technicians have the required permits for installation.