Our services

Transport and delivery

We take care of the transport and delivery of the rotary storage rack to the assembly site. Unloading is carried out as appropriate by the end customer or our authorized technicians, depending on the type of material and the requirements.

Installation / Dismantling / Transfer

Specialized and authorized teams in relation with the Logistics Department ensure the installation of the equipment - the installation on site varies from 2 to 3 days depending on the type of carousel. To guarantee a service in complete safety and according to the installation constraints, additional equipment can be provided (basket / forklift / lifting crane, etc.).

Component customization

Depending on your purchasing policy, we are able to integrate certain brands of electrical components to guarantee you a quick change in the event of a malfunction.

Analysis by certified body in the workshop or on site

Implementation study and 3D representation

A 3D representation of each project is sent to our customers to validate the configuration of the rotary carousel and take into account the installation environment.

Maintenance / Troubleshooting

To ensure the longevity of the equipment and prevent possible risks related to wear phenomena, a maintenance contract is systematically offered - several formulas are available. The know-how and the geographical distribution of authorized technicians guarantee rapid intervention in the event of a malfunction.